Hey, Sarah here!

I love to squoosh yarn, doodle in the margins, and inspire people to think YES!! I can do this!


Handmade has been part of my life since day dot. My mother is an excellent knitter and sewer, dad is handy with just about everything, my grandmother made the most exquisite cakes, pop was a boilermaker (and so remade everything!), all of us garden with great success and love to cook.  With all of these people in my life, I’ve always been encouraged by word or deed to just get in there and give it a go.

Handmade is also about being proud of the different and quirky. I will help bring that vibe to your project: celebrate that special space which is occupied by only you and dance like no-one is looking.  Or maybe people are looking, but you’ve had enough gin. Your choice.


I take my queues from  the project.

I listen, use my intuition and meditate on a design so that I can really watch  it unfurl. Nothing like going for a run or walk in the bush to really cook up some great ideas! Whether it’s giving yarn a good squoosh (yes, I do this often!), look for clues in nature, wait for a resonance, getting an almighty mood board going, I will find the design answer for you.

I push boundaries and use my unique approach to craft something really beautiful which speaks to your soul and communicates the essence of you to your tribe.

Keep it simple, sweetie

You know what gives me the shits? Over-complicating things. Wasting energy. Smoke and mirrors. Because life is for living and having fun.

Striking the right balance between clever, simple, and fun gets you that simplicity. And when your website does that for you, what a relief! When you know how to implement your branding consistently, what confidence! I will help you reach that simple feel.

brand shoot for web 9

support small.

I have a particular love for small business. I have one and I reckon you do, too. Small business is the engine room for awesome. It’s where creativity and innovation live, and how we can grow meaningful work with a wider purpose.

It can be super tough going it alone, but I am absolutely here to make the digital as easy as I can for you.

So let’s have a digital cuppa and sort you out.

Hey, Sarah!

I want to work with you!

a lined design

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