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there is so much beauty in simplicity.


We create beautiful digital experiences.

What makes us different? We listen, we care, and we educate you through every step of your project. We totally get that this whole getting a brand and getting a website thing is not an every day task and you might not have had any exposure to large project management. 

We promise to guide and help you through to a successful end. 

I'll tell you something special about makers: we know how to experiment, live in the project, and build something special.

All of us at A Lined Design are passionate craftspeople and own small businesses outside of this digital work.

We get that your business is your baby, that you are unique and you need our help to get that best foot online so you can do more of what you love and share it with others. 


Handmade has been part of my life since day dot. My mother is an excellent knitter and sewer, dad is handy with just about everything, my grandmother made the most exquisite cakes, pop was a boilermaker (and so remade everything!), all of us garden with great success and love to cook.  With all of these people in my life, I’ve always been encouraged by word or deed to just get in there and give it a go.

Handmade is also about being proud of the different and quirky. I will help bring that vibe to your project: celebrate that special space which is occupied by only you and dance like no-one is looking. Or maybe people are looking, but you’ve had enough gin. Your choice.

xx Sarah

Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

Owner, designer and developer

Mad knitter, lover of coffee and herder of small children, Sarah lives in Hobart, Tasmania with husband Andy, kids Essie and Finn with kelpie pup Frank. Sarah has a knack for organising information in a beautiful way; getting the soul from a project, marrying it with design, and placing with purpose and clarity. Who knew that years as a litigation lawyer with pretty folders would have this application?

Dawn Rieniets

Dawn Rieniets

Lead Copywriter

With a background in journalism, freelance writing, and ten years of experience blogging, Dawn can help you find your frequency. It’s not about reaching the masses with a watered-down message, it’s about getting a confetti-gun in front of your ideal audience. Proud to be working artist, Dawn participates in exhibitions, does commission work, and is part of two Australian art groups MAVA Collective and Thou Art Mum

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