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Building a brand is tough

What’s a brand anyway? It’s not like you can go grab one of the shelf for a dollar at the supermarket: it’s an intangible mix of a communication style, a public perception, marketing, and visuals. It is as complex as it is simple. Ooooh, layers!

You might be in the business of changing lives for the better, helping people to grow, making lives easier or prettier, or even saving the planet. Me, I’m saving the world one gorgeous design at a time!

one part practical, one part creative, one part coffee

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Ahhh, the perfect brew!

However large or small your goals might be, ongoing success means acquiring loyal customers who pay the right price for your particular flavour of wonderfulness.

You must clearly communicate your value to potential clients in order to influence their behaviour in your general direction. So now you’ve picked the right business, thought long and hard about what you plan to offer the world at large… but how do you now get that across to your people? That’s the power of your brand.

 what is brand design? 


Also called ‘corporate identity’ or ‘brand identity’, brand design is the development of the personality of your business to create an emotional connection with your market.

 When your brand is consistent and cohesive, your authenticity shines through and you build trust. It gives your market the right feels.

Then your audience will be prepared to spend money and time with you.

what can I do for you?




Telling stories is important: building your brand’s mythology and language from a place of strength will help you really shine and build that absolutely can’t-be-without-it success factor of TRUST.

I’ll help you find those strong points to build your most comfortable and authentic voice to use with your audience, and discover the shortcuts to resonate with the human condition, create connection and purpose to our lives and the world around us. Strength = comfort = consistency = authenticity!

let’s tell your story!

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build visuals

We eat with our eyes first, right!

Logo, colours, and fonts are all part of this feast for the eyes. We’ll look at what is right for your brand in its own market having regard to the audience you want to attract. We’ll work together to work out who your audience is and what the market might look like, then narrow your vibe down.

What will you get, exactly?

  • a main logo
  • at least one variation
  • a favicon (that dinky little mark you see in the website tab)
  • font pairing*
  • palette of at least four colours
  • the master Illustrator document
  • You’ll get every file type you could even imagine (and then some), in a colour, black, white, and on a transparent background.

Your arsenal is complete!

*I can’t sell you the license to commercial fonts, you’ll have to purchase your own license from the font’s author.

no gold swirlsArtboard 1

last of all


get it in a group

The Brand Guideline: this is your how-to guide to building your brand in the real world.

Your brand’s strengths, colour codes, fonts, and some helpful hints for social platforms are included in a super good looking document. Print it and love it hard

Brand Guide – example for website_Page_01

all yours from $850

time to get a lined design


a lined design

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