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Are you finally ready to learn how to connect with your ideal audience?

Let us create a full branding package for you so you can foster trust and loyalty in new customers.

Be clear in what you do, remain consistent, inspire confidence and flaunt your point of difference.

Do you wrongly believe that you can't afford custom branding?

A cohesive brand is an investment in your business because it gives you the opportunity to make more sales by better connecting to your audience. Sure, you can try to DIY your branding but why would you when it takes time, education, expertise and experience to do it well? Delegate to the professionals and save time but also end up with greater earning potential.

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Let us do your branding so your business will:

  • Inspire trust.
  • Foster connection.
  • Repel the wrong people and attract the right ones.
  • Give you the best chance at conversions.


Book a discovery call with us now and see how we can help you get the foundation of your business in order so you can grow and thrive.

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What is a brand anyway?

Let’s chat for a minute.

more than just a logo

Put your hand up if you are a card carrying member of Graphic Design and Marketing Geeks Society?*

*not a real club, but we’d totally be members.


So if you’re just like most people in business-land – it’s not your area of expertise, so you may be unclear on what branding is.

Hint- it’s not a logo.

But! Your logo can be part of your brand.

Confused? Stay with me while I break it down.

So, what is brand design?


A brand is not a product, or an identity.  A brand evokes emotions about your business identity. Start thinking about your business as if it were a real person; with its own vibe, tone of voice, style and swagger. And just like a real person, your business won’t appeal to everyone, nor should it. No one is universally liked (how boring would that be?) and a mistake many businesses make when branding is to try and appeal to too wide an audience.

You’re not basic. So don’t present yourself that way.
We want to go deep, not wide, with branding.
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Push away the wrong people so we can attract your "passionate brand evangelists"

(love that term, thanks Don Miller). We WANT people to react to your brand. Repel some, then reel in the rest. That’s what great branding does. Brand design or brand identity is developing your business personality. So what does that do for you? It creates an emotional connection with your audience. Why does this matter? Because purchases are emotional ones. For someone to invest in you, they need to trust you. If your brand is cohesive and consistent, you’re authenticity shines through and boom, you’ve built trust.

Build the feels, grow the connection, then your audience will be prepared to spend money and time with you.

A Lined Design will guide you across all the key elements because we are specialists in designing brand identity and brand strategy for female entrepreneurs, small business owners, eCommerce stores, and service providers of so many kinds.

And see how we can help enhance your biz.

You need a logo as part of your brand identity design

Your logo is a unique design or symbol that represents your organisation or business.

Keyword here: unique. Going to Canva or Fiverr and getting something similar to others in your niche will not create a memorable experience or make you stand out. 

Your logo has a big job in a very small space; a few pixels to become the simple visual shorthand for the rest of your brand. Without a strong brand in support, a logo is a pretty name-tag; pretty ineffective without a strategy to communicte value and expertise.

Brand Design by A Lined Design Hobart

Whats the rest of your brand?

A great brand perfectly curates the right emotional response from your crowd, showcases your values, presents your uniqueness and cuts through competition… it’s a hefty job. So your logo needs a few friends to help out.

And we’re the perfect team to help you get on the right track for your business goals.

A brand needs strategy and consistency because it bears complete responsibility for how your audience reacts to your business.

Wanna know more about getting a brand with us?

Read a lil more on what we do and what you get, and then book a call or send us a contact form.

Invest in growth and connection.


Without a solid strategy, you’re not giving your business a chance to be memorable with your target audience. What’s your message, marketplace, and unique point of difference? Who is your brand and who does it serve? All brands exist to solve problems for their ideal client (well, they should!), so we go over why your brand exists in the world in the first place and where you want to drive it next.


There’s that one person out there you love working with and loves working with you: your ideal customer.  We define them, name them, and develop your brand to appeal to that person to build trust and a solid relationship.


But of course!

The visual device which becomes the shorthand for your brand. 

Your logo will take a few forms.

Horizontal is required for website navigation bars, anywhere the space is height restricted.

Stacked is where you have more room.

Icon or favicon is for where space is at a premium and will be very small. Like the navigation tab in a browser, a stamp or sticker.  

You’ll receive a variety of file formats (png, jpg, svg, pdf) in all brand colours to ensure that you have the right file type for every application and layout.

Personality and tone
What voice does your brand use when it talks to the world? Your brand has a personality, separate from you and your employees, and it needs to connect with the people you aim to help. Is you brand gruff and masculine, concise and techy, wise and wordy? It’s not what you say but how you say it, after all.

We usually start our brands with type. They do so much communicating in their style alone (read more on our blog over this way).  Typography needs to enhance the more obvious tone and personailty of your brand. It’ll be seen on your website social media posts, marketing materials, business cards, social media cover images – consistency with your brand voice is key.

There is a lot of psychology around the effect colours have on our brains and emotions. We tap into these smarts, wave a magic wand of awesome design and cook up a color palette which supports emotional visual representation. And boom! You’ll have a palette of heroes. We highlight for you which colors are used most frequently and the secondary colors who are the sidekicks.
Quality, tone and treatment of imagery help cement your company as unique and trustworthy. Inconsistent brand images means an inconsistent voice – your audience will wonder if it’s really you talking. Guidelines to ensure everyone from the social media peeps, people who take the phone calls, project managers and even yourself being able to step out from your own narrative and into the shoes of your brand. We offer guidelines you can give to your photographer or help you select fabulous stock images.
your deliverables
  • A Main logo
  • Logo variations
  • Icon
  • Fonts and typesetting guide
  • Photography guide
  • Brand Colours
  • Tone of voice and brand strengths
  • Brand guideline which sets out your color codes and everything listed above 

What else can you add in to your brand design project? Lots! Here are some ideas.


Business cards


Print templates

Like letterheads, or Xero invoices and receipts. 


Launch social media graphics

Want to shout out your new brand on social media? We can provide you some Instagram tiles, mockups, perhaps even an online lookbook.


In-depth surveys

You might want to survey people in your ideal client range before committing – we get that. We can design a survey for you, analyse the results, and provide an additional revision round to accommodate.


Custom patterns, graphic element and textures

Want a really cool repeating pattern in a few hero colours which can go anywhere from website footers to employee clothing? Sounds like fun!


Social media post templates or guidelines

Elements for canva, frames to build your own posts, and guidelines about mixing it up but staying on brand.

What’s the timeframe?
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Good design and the creative process both take time.

Project delivery timeframes can vary, but we aim to have most projects finished in 6 weeks from delivery of brief if we both meet our deadlines. Factors which can influence delivery are timeliness and quality of feedback, and/or changes to brief/scope. We understand that you are also a business owner and that your time can get swept away by other tasks, but this will cause delays to your project when your feedback is delayed. 
what will your brand design cost?
We build our brand design packages based on what you need.

Generally, the work dropdown called deliverables (above, click here) will be an investment of $2,500 and 6 weeks of time.

As we go through the process you may have a light-bulb moment or a pivot in direction; that’s okay but changes and additions to brief will always result in additional time and costs.

18 book cover mockups 2

Feedback and communication are key to a successful project, and vital to keeping time and costs in check. We require clients to follow and participate in our process so we can stay on the same page. We’ll guide and educate you as we go along.

Frequently asked questions.

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Tell me again, what do I get in a brand design package?
Logo variations: Horizontal, stacked, icon, all in variety of file formats (png, jpg, svg) in all brand colours to ensure that you have the right file type for every application and layout. 

Fonts and typesetting: we’ll make sure that yours are perfectly chosen and set in proportion whether in print or web with your typesetting guide. (we can’t sell the license to font files, you’ll need to sort your own license when we are done).
Colours: that palette which paints the walls of your space. Your brand communicates a lot through its colour scheme and you’ll have a colour for every application. Your colour codes for HEX and RGB will be included in your brand guideline (and we also have a glossary in the back to tell you what those acronyms mean).
Tone of voice and brand strengths: you’ll work with our copywriters to find your unique value proposition, uncover the deepest desires of your ideal client, and add all that helpful goodness into your brand guideline.
Branding style guideline: the touchstone you’ll visit daily when formulating copywriting, advertising sequences,products and services and more. You’ll get a comprehensive set of usage rules to ensure your brand is always protected. 

Can't I just have a logo at a cheaper price?
While we totally get that cash can be tight as a new bebe business, “just a logo” is not something we offer.

We firmly believe in the power of having a full brand with multiple logomarks, colours, typography and guidelines. Our process includes strategy and marketing, tone of voice and personality, so you have power behind your visual representation. This helps to ensure a consistent presence and build trust with your audience, where “just a logo” just isn’t as powerful. You and your business deserve the full suite of support that brand design offers.

Will you send me editable design files?
The original design files (editable files) are not included in the project. But if you do want them, let us know and we’ll create a separate invoice for the cost of these files.
How many changes can I ask for in my logo design?
You get two rounds of revision included in your project costs. We find this more than enough given the amount of research and consultation, and that there is a stylescape signed off on before design concepts are developed. 
What files are included in your brand design package?

We include the followig file formats for each logo variation:

  • jpg – most people recognise jpg as an image file, it’s been around a long time and is well supported by a variety of platforms.
  • png – this file type has a transparent background and is generally higher quality than it’s jpg friends at the same canvas size.
  • svg – you’ll need this one one your websites and powerpoint loves svg too. You can scale these up or down as much as you like and they’ll never go blurry. The file size is usually tiny too. Great for website load times.
Do you offer payment plans?

For brand packages, we accept payments via bank transfer or Stripe in installments of 50% before start, 30% in the middle, and 20% for file release. 

Will you send me the fonts I need for my brand?

In a word, no. They aren’t ours to give. The copyright belongs to the foundry (the artist) who made the font. You’ll be told all about your fonts names in your brand guideline so purchasing them for your own use is super easy.

your deliverables
  • A Main logo
  • Logo variations
  • Icon
  • Fonts and typesetting guide
  • Photography guide
  • Brand Colours
  • Tone of voice and brand strengths
  • Brand guideline which sets out your color codes and everything listed above 

When I launched the site Sarah had developed, I gained 8 new clients and even more leads within 48 hours. I think that says it all! Sarah is dedicated, talented and a joy to work with. Highly, highly recommend!

Lizzie Mulherin Write on Brand
Lizzie Mulherin

I really enjoyed the process of working with Sarah at A Lined Design. It’s a really thorough process that she takes you through, especially when rebranding. I feel like the new brand and website represent me at what I offer as a business so clearly and on point in terms of the connection that I wanted to create with clients before they reached out to me. I LOVE my new logo and colour palette and can see that working for many years to come. And where I was less confident in giving feedback and making decisions Sarah guided me through, keeping us on track for a great outcome. I couldn’t be happier with my new brand and website and have referred her already to colleagues in my industry who I know have engaged her. Thanks Sarah!

Anoushka Allum Anoushka Allum Design
Anoushka Allum

Once upon a time, during a period called COVID19 lockdown, I shot a message to a girl named Sarah Crawford at a company called A Lined Design. The message was a curveball that went something like “I have an idea about a new way to shop local and support small business”… she was on the phone in a flash with THE best ideas that mirrored by enthusiasm. Really, the rest is history, Sarah and her team are professional, easy-going, creative, proactive, thought-provoking, groundbreaking (and any other adverb that describes bloody awesome). Not only does the way they do things create the most amazing websites but they also help you work through your business strategies, where/how you want your business to grow and the list goes on. I cannot recommend A Lined Design more highly. If you need a website done right the first time – this is your team!
I cannot thank you enough for listening to my vision and creating something that was beyond even my high expectations. Thank you from Buy from Tasmania!

Janelle Larkin Buy From Tasmania
Janelle Larkin

Sarah came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. I was warned it was not a one way street, Sarah and Dawn really drilled down to uncover the essence of Sofia Women’s Circle which helped me gain greater clarification at the same time. Being technically challenged I was fearful the process would be way over my head, however, Sarah’s creativity, patience, communication and sense of humour saw the process unfold with military precision, like an iron fist in a velvet glove. No question was too trivial, no number of revisions was too many and I really valued her empathy during a time when things were very new to me. I am telling everyone I know what a fabulous experience it was to build a website alongside Sarah & Dawn and more importantly what joyous women they are. So, gratitude is threefold: 1. For the original recommendation from Flossifiles 2. For the wonderful website and experience and 3. For our paths crossing and walking side by side for a while.

Giselle Perry Sofia Women's Circle
Giselle Perry

I had a great time working with Sarah on March 4 Earth.

Sarah’s creativity and innovation led to the design and implementation of an awesome March 4 Earth website, logo and brand. She also provided marketing advice on our not for the profit and how to reach our unique target audience.

Sarah spent time getting to know us and understanding our vision before embarking on the project. She is naturally creative and has a strong understanding of user experience and how people think.

She is passionate and has pride in what she delivers. I would strongly recommend her for any project.

A big thanks to Sarah for bringing the March 4 Earth brand to life.

Jacqui Collis March4Earth
Jacqui Collis

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