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Interview and brief

We’ll ask you eleventy thousand questions to help you find the strong and unique points in your business and build your most comfortable and authentic voice to use with your audience. Strength = comfort = consistency = authenticity!

Design direction

We'll confirm design direction with a moodboard to ensure we're on the same page.

Images which have the mood we want to create, inspirations for a colour palette, and some of your references will be worked together like a virtual pin board of awesome. 

Build visuals

You'll get two revision rounds (one at concept stage, the second for the final artwork) to work through the design ideas provided.

We'll ensure that we consider your ideal client and the market you work in and make sure what is communicated is your highest value and point of difference.


All your files and brand guideline will be provided in one handy folder for you to download and keep. 

You can even have us make additional launch day graphics to help you announce the arrival of your brand. 

Time to get A Lined Design!

Send us a love letter; fill out our questionnaire and determine if we're a match made in cyberspace.

a lined design

a lined design logo white
A Lined Design logo with white lines

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