what you'll get

This brand design stuff is pretty complex, and this list will really help sort you out.

Main logo: your workhorse, that one visual element which you will keep on coming back to. Typically a text and design element.
Logo variations: make sure you have a perfectly branded visual for each tricky location, whether it's small navigation bars on websites or watermarks on social media posts.
Fonts and typesetting: we'll make sure that yours are perfectly chosen and set in proportion whether in print or web with your typesetting guide. (we can't sell the license to font files, you'll need to sort your own license when we are done).
Colours: that palette which paints the walls of your space. Your brand communicates a lot through colour and you'll have a colour for every application.
Tone of voice and brand strengths: you'll work with our copywriters to find your unique value proposition, uncover the deepest desires of your ideal client, and add all that helpful goodness into your brand guideline.
Brand guideline: the touchstone you'll visit daily when formulating copywriting, advertising sequences,products and services and more.


The time this process takes can vary, but we aim to have most projects finished in 6 weeks from delivery of brief. Factors which can influence this timeframe are timeliness and quality of feedback, and changes to brief.

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what will your brand design cost?

We build our brand design packages based on what you need. Generally, the work in the pink box above will be an investment of $2,500 and 6 weeks of time.

As we go through the process you may have a light-bulb moment or a pivot in direction; that’s okay but changes and additions to brief will always result in additional time and costs.

Feedback and communication are the lynch pins of a successful project, vital to keeping time and costs in check so following and participating in our process is super important. We’ll educate you on that as we go along.

What else can you add in to your brand design project? Lots! Here are some ideas.

Launch graphics

Want to shout out your new brand on social media? We can provide you some Instagram tiles, mockups, perhaps even an online lookbook. 


You might want to survey people in your ideal client range before committing – we get that. We can design a survey for you, analyse the results, and provide an additional revision round to accommodate. 


Want a really cool repeating pattern in a few hero colours which can go anywhere from website footers to employee clothing? Sounds like fun!

a lined design

a lined design logo white
A Lined Design logo with white lines

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