How do you build a successful brand identity?

We’ve created five step shortcut to help you navigate the complexity of successful brand design: get started today and make your brand stand out.

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What is this brand identity design stuff, anyway?

We all know what a logo is, right? The illustration or picture which represents a brand without words. Brand is everything around that, including the logo. Tone of voice, colours, fonts, strategy, and even the client base – that’s what a brand is.

A brand communicates who you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it for any why. That’s a lot to say with not a lot of stuff! But there’s so much subliminal messaging in the elements you use. Colours give a feeling, fonts tell a story, and the words you use will reel your ideal client right into your story.

We’ve got a great ebook to guide you through the five key steps that you need for brand identity design, that will set you on the right path nailing this brand thing.

Learn why strategy is the linchpin of your brand and why it needs to be the number one step
Understand how to tell your brand’s story and why your story will get the attention of your most valuable customers
Discover what an ideal customer avatar is and why you really, really need to get that written down and on the strategy board
See how important the visual elements of your brand are when you want to make a great first impression
Learn about brand guidelines and what they will teach you about using your brand across different mediums

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