Some hint and tip for those who know a bit about what they are doing.

Move the WordPress comments area above related posts

I love things to be in a logical order. When it comes to websites, how people think and move from one page to the next is really important. If you jump the gun your reader will feel jarred, brushed off even. You could miss making an important connection. And then...

Make an About Me image for your sidebar

That about me bit in your sidebar of a reminder to your readers that, "Hellooooo! I am here! I own this place and if you think it's pretty kewl we should definitely connect and make lovely business together". It's important. Choosing a nice picture and presenting it...

Hide messy tooltips on image link hover

Hide messy tooltips on image link hover

You know when those little standard built in features get in the way of things looking pretty? I know you do. One of my pet peeves it the title display tooltip on image hover. It can happen on images and links, and happens for saaaahhhh many reasons. Don't know what I...

a lined design

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