Your website is your digital home; it’s how your web friends and clients get a feel for who you are and how you do business. So, let’s roll out the virtual welcome mat and make them feel right at home with all that is you.

Fit. Form. Function. Fun.

Imagine the possibilities.

gather those threads, and let’s tell more about you

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gather those threads, and let’s tell more about you

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Using my favourite tools, I will craft for you a beautiful and responsive online home for your business. 


WordPress + Divi = best friends

Why WordPress?

WordPress is open source content management software and currently powers around 25% of all websites on the Internet. The project is contributed to by tens of thousands of developers all over the world and is growing from strength to strength. WordPress allows me to develop flexible and customisable websites to modern standards and observes web development best practices. Furthermore the community of web developers that use WordPress reaches far and wide and allows me to tap in to this collective intelligence and bring that wealth of experience to your project. Good stuff.

Why Divi?

If you dream to to manage your own site when our work together is done, you need your own fonts, colours, customised and branded everything, the ability to change those aesthetics, with a simple menu system and blog layout? Then a Divi base might be what you’re looking for. These sites are built on Divi. I love Divi so much I went and got myself certified.

With these two tools, your options are beautifully diverse like these wonderful specimens.

What’s on offer, exactly?


Settle in with a cuppa, ’cause this is a long list!

A clear path for growth

You can’t know where you’re going and why if you don’t have a map. Let’s plan that bad boy and get your compass pointed in the most helpful direction for growth: workflow, target clients, content strategy and brand strengths will help you make some killer plans.

Thoughtful design

People buy people, not things. Who you are, where you come from, and the connection you offer is key to your offering. We’ll develop that connection together and make sure that your pages tell the right story to get your prospects to act they way you need them to: contact, purchase, subscribe, you name it! 

With unique and thoughtful design you’ll stand out from the crowd and build trust and connection in a way which has your prospects feeling comfortable and listened to. 

The best tools ever

So I’m slightly biased here, but WordPress and Divi are best placed to deliver. I will configure these tools with your host and with code to make sure they function efficiently and quickly to reduce bloat and load times. 

a workflow you understand

We’ll spend the time making sure you have the right tools and get the right information from your prospects, reducing your admin time and building trust. You’ll have training in how this all works so you don’t feel isolated once our work together is done.

Search engine visibility

Getting into the list on Goolge is a toughie, but you’ll be setup from the get go with a site verified and trusted by Google and keywords in the right places. Perfect to hand over to a SEO or adwords expert when the time comes to get the words out about your particular brand of awesome. 

Social validation

When you come to a new site, what to do you do first? Check their socials and testimonials, right? You’ll be all connected the right way for your business to make sure you can tell those leads that you are IT.

Handover and manual

In addition to 30 days of free check ins to make sure you’re okay with your new site, you’ll have video manuals and a handover document to make sure you aren’t all at sea. 

You also have a part to play.

I can’t do this without YOUR help.

I need your images, words, assistance, and helpful feedback through this process. Luckily, I made a pretty handy little guide to get us through it together. Download it and have a read by clicking the cover.

 sounds great! what next? 

Send me an email and we’ll discuss what solutions are available,  investment, and talk contracty stuff. When I receive your deposit we will get cracking!

Got some questions first? Head over here to see if I’ve answered them already.

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currently accepting intake for august.

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