Your website is your digital home; it’s how your web friends and clients get a feel for who you are and how you do business. So, let’s roll out the virtual welcome mat and make them feel right at home with all that is you.

Fit. Form. Function. Fun.

Imagine the possibilities.

gather those threads, and let’s tell more about you

Built on one of my chosen platforms, I will craft for you a beautiful responsive online home for your business.


If you dream to to manage your own site when our work together is done, you need your own fonts, colours, customised and branded everything,  the ability to change those aesthetics, with a simple menu system and blog layout?

Then a Divi base might be what you’re looking for. These sites are built on Divi. I love Divi so much I went and got myself certified.

kathryn thomas & associates

yoga from the heart

after the stork


Uniquely Yours

If you want a mega menu which can have maps and images… or maybe even a totally minimal menu, any style of blog you can think of,  slide in mobile menu which can be totally different to your desktop menu, you need your own fonts, colours, customised and branded everything,  with the ability to change those aesthetics? Then a custom built base might be what you’re looking for.

This site is built on a custom base, and so are these beauties.

sew knit love

alana dagwell

melissa wittig

Not WordPress?

That’s cool. Teachable and Shopify are brilliant, too. I can help you tell your story using your visuals on these platforms.

What’s on offer, exactly? Well!

Settle down with a brew, because this is a long list.

You can’t know where you’re going and why if you don’t have a map. Let’s plan that bad boy and get your compass pointed in the most helpful direction for growth.
Home is where the sales are. Seven seconds, science tells us, is all you have to sell to those people who find your page. How will we do it? Secret sauce recipe. For my special peeps only.
Whats that one thing you ‘do’ for your customer? What’s your point of difference? We’ll take those values and smoosh them into a one sentence power ball so you have a keystone for your communications and tools as you shoot off into success land.

This will help you write your copy or develop a great brief for your copywriter. Copywriting is not covered in the work we do together.

People buy people, not things. Who you are, where you come from, and the connection you offer is key to your offering. We’ll develop that connection together.
You’re in business, let’s not forget that. You’ll get one deluxe sales page (just like this one) to sell you and your project to your customers.
Content creation is important for driving traffic. Don’t miss out! A basic blog set up is included
One digital portal to your products, coming right up!
Domain emails accelerate trust. What big company uses [email protected]? Answer = none. We’ll sort those profesh emails out.
You have an amazeballs website but Google doesn’t trust it? Well, that’s a little bit pointless. We’ll connect and verify your site with Google to make sure your future SEO and AdWords efforts aren’t for naught.
You spend a bunch of time making sure your Instagram is on point and your Pinterest is relevant. Guide your newly connected website people to those platforms and build a community of engaged current and future customers who love everything you have on offer.
Did that advertising campaign work? The blogger connection? What about your Instagram efforts? Analytics will tell if it’s paying off. We’ll connect and configure so you can get the goss on your hard work.
Keywords. Blerg. But if you don’t have the things people are searching for when they are looking for stuff like you? It’s an important step. Particularly if you want to level up in future. Level one basic stuff is covered here.
A handover document setting out your brand values and voice, how to troubleshoot your site, how to add a new post or page, site maintenance, and/or a schedule for my maintenance at an hourly rate for a set interval (usually half an hour a month, depends on the volume of traffic and how often the site is updated).
A Skype or in-person meeting to run you through the back end and get you comfortable with how WordPress looks on the inside. This is your business tool and I am to help you feel comfortable using it.


You also have a part to play.

I can’t do this without YOUR help.

I need your images, words, assistance, and helpful feedback through this process. Luckily, I made a pretty handy little guide to get us through it together. Download it and have a read by clicking the cover.

 sounds great! what next? 

Send me an email and we’ll discuss what solutions are available,  investment, and talk contracty stuff. When I receive your deposit we will get cracking!

Got some questions first? Head over here to see if I’ve answered them already.

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