we are proudly a content first web design agency

What does “content first” mean for your web design project? Getting content (words and images) sorted out for your website before we do any design and build work is more efficient and helps us create a better user experience (UX) for your readers, clients, and website users.

Imagine your website is a tiny house. You can’t put the decorations up, heck you can’t even measure for curtains until you know how big the window needs to be!

We get the foundations right, plan, and build up from a solid base. Then pretty stuff.

The Brief

We’ll ask you eleventy-thousand questions to get to the heart of why you do what you do, and who you love working with the most. We’ll ask you what your goals are and what sorts of tools your users will expect on your site. Do they need to book you? Will you need to take a brief from them?

This is such an important step – we need you to help us understand all about you so we can help you rock your site. 

The Sitemap

Once we’ve worked through the brief, we’ll list out the pages you need (think like rooms of a house), how they connect together, what the logical steps are to guide a user to their goal. We’ll give you a list to approve and build it into a template website. You’ll get to take a tour around the skeleton of your site and make sure everything is in the right order. 

Here’s mine as an example.

The Prototype

Sometimes this is called wireframe or prototype: whichever word we use the process for us is the same. We build our websites right in the the browser to save time and to help you get used to the back and front ends of your site. We don’t do design at this stage, only information. It’s not pretty but it gets us to the end goal so much quicker.

Imagine this is like a house with the walls up and roof on. No plaster or fittings yet, but you can see where things are going and imagine how grand it’s gonna be.

We don’t build for all screen sizes here, only desktop. This helps us cut down on a lot of work if there are any major revisions.

Here’s what a one page prototype might look like.

The Design

Here’s the stage everyone gets excited about – putting paint on the walls, hanging the curtains and choosing a couch. Now is when we put all your branding in place,  slot in images and adda bit of fun or animation to the mix.

We wireframe with images in mind, which is why it is important to have them handy before we start. You’ll have the chance to make sure your words are doing their job with the images they sit with.

Here’s that same page fully designed.

The Delivery

With everything all signed off we test on different browsers, build or all screen sizes, bug test and make everything run super duper tight. A last bit of a vacuum after the tradies move out and you’re good to host a housewarming for your brand new site. 

Time to get A Lined Design!

Send us a love letter, answer some questions to find out if we're the right fit for you and we'll set up a Zoom meeting and get to know you better. 

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