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You know when those little standard built in features get in the way of things looking pretty? I know you do. One of my pet peeves it the title display tooltip on image hover. It can happen on images and links, and happens for saaaahhhh many reasons.

Don’t know what I mean? This thing here. UGLEH.

It hangs over pretty images, and in the cases of nice portfolio galleries and menus it can actually get in the way of content. What makes it happen in the first place? Themes and/or browsers grabbing the title of the image or link, or the alt text, and displaying it to be helpful. And sometimes it is! But not always, and for some clients downright bloody annoying.

Time to go, tooltip text. Time is up.

Options for dismissal? Delete all your alt text and image titles. NO!!!!! Total sarcasm there. An SEO disaster. Search engines wouldn’t know what your images were about and Yoast would get all red lighty on you.

Here’s the good and working solution. It removes the title of links, not holus bolus all image titles and alt text.

To run this one, you need an enququed js file in your theme. And the confidence to drop something in it.

See the Pen Disable tooltip on image link hover by Sarah Crawford (@ALinedDesign) on CodePen.

Howzat? Good, hey!

To scared to give this a go yourself? Hit me up and I’ll give you a hand.

What built in solutions do you find irritating? Let me know and we can find a solution together.


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