Evie & Essie

Evie & Essie branding sheet

Feminine, fun, modern but classic, earthy and tactile. Evie & Essie is all of these things.

My first real foray into branding, and a story I keep coming back to over and over.

I started Evie & Essie with my bestie, Suki, just after or girls were born. We’d just named two beautiful girls and were done with thinking of names for a while so our business got those names too.

And that made so much sense then, and still does today. These little ladies, two little birdies, give us the inspiration to keep making all sorts of wonderful things. Our designs come from seeing them play and what they tell us they want.

The pinks tell give warmth, love, femininity, and family. The fonts are modern and uncomplicated, just like our designs.

The handdrawn, back-of-a-napkin aesthetic  is modern and fun but still speaks of the watercolour fashion drawings of the 1920s.

Very proud of this one.

Go have a gander at www.evieandessie.com.