Free Spirit Pods

Garry’s offering of boutique pod accommodation on Bruny Island is just beautiful. A gorgeous design, idyllic setting, and a vibrant host are going to combine to bring some wonderful guests a relaxing holiday I’m sure they’ll repeat. Often.

The pods are by EcoShelta: designed by Architect and builder Stephen Sainsbury who specialises in environmentally and ecologically sound beautiful places to shelter, undertaking the building process in the belief that environmentally responsible buildings can be luxurious, inspiring and beautiful places to live, work and play.

They have the best little deck for quietly drinking wine and watching the birds play.

Garry’s website is packed full of information on Bruny Island, and we’ll be adding more over time. Gone are the days of going through the visitor books when you arrive at your accommodation: use the free wifi to browse the list of attractions and get travel estimates on your itinerary. Modern stuff.

Rich images with simple illustrations combine to create a feeling of familiarity and ease. We kept the top level menu very simple, with a very rich submenu system using images to help tell Garry’s story.

We chose a fabulous booking system which has a very flexible functionality allowing Garry to add many extra services, create holiday periods, and block out windows easily.