Welcome to Brand Land

Building a brand is tough.

What’s a brand anyway? It’s not like you can go grab one of the shelf for a dollar at the supermarket: it’s an intangible mix of a communication style, a public perception, marketing, and visuals. It is as complex as it is simple. Ooooh, layers!

You might be in the business of changing lives for the better, helping people to grow, making lives easier or prettier, or even saving the planet. Me, I’m saving the world one gorgeous design at a time!

Irrespective of those goals, ongoing success means acquiring loyal customers who pay the right price for your particular flavour of wonderfulness.

You must clearly communicate your value to potential clients in order to influence their behaviour in your general direction. So now you’ve picked the right business, thought long and hard about what you plan to offer the world at large… but how do you now get that across to your people? That’s the power of your brand.



 what is brand design? 

Also called ‘corporate identity’ or ‘brand identity’, Brand design is developing the personality of your business (whether that is you as a person or the business itself) so value is clearly communicated to your potential clients, creating an affinity and connection in order to influence their behaviour.

Brand design is a creative strategy to build a memorable and positive experience of you and your services both online and offline.


What can I do for you?

sort out the strengths and voice of the brand and you


then a logo. that’s usaully the first thought for the proud new owner of a business – visual comms. and variations in terms of file types and colours


second supporting colour palette


third thypography

brand guideline



The perception formulated by customers is a key concern for every brand.




What is branding?

Branding: The process of creating, maintaining, strengthening or changing a brand.

Branding is a powerful and sustainable marketing strategy that we use to influence and manage the way people perceive and respond to your brand, and thereby influence their buying decisions.

We do this by:

  • creating an affinity or emotional connection with the consumer
  • providing justification for paying a premium price for a service or product
  • creating loyalty to the product or organisation
  • demonstrating the quality and benefits of a service or product and the company behind it.


Brands must consistently deliver upon promise to maintain a positive brand profile.


How to know what you want?

I’ll have you fill out a bit of a survey which will help me learn more about you, and help you nail down your vibe. Your answers will help me draw up a brief which suits your needs. Even better if you are on Pinterest, because we can create a board together.

I’ll then draw up branding concepts, and you’ll choose one to develop further.  You’ll have two opportunities to revise that concept and refine it with me.

When we’re all done, you’ll have these lovely goodies coming your way…


logo & submark

Two variations of your logo and one submark, each with a transparent background and a white background so you can pop your mark wherever you like.

colour palette

Up to six beautifully harmonised colours with their web safe CMYK and RGB codes to keep them consistent wherever they travel.


Recommendations as to fonts, pairings, formatting and where to purchase premium fonts

brand guide

All the important information you need to recreate your branding on your own.



Want more?

Add on a bundle for  $150

Business card design, help uploading it to your provider of choice, and Letterhead OR email signature design.

So you need a business card and an email footer to go with your new brand identity, or you already have a logo but no idea how to get it looking great on a card?

This one is for you. Together we’ll create a custom card for you and get you all set up to print at moo or Zazzle.

We’ll go through some layouts, any special icons you might need, and get your comms looking really special.

You’ll also get your choice of a letterhead or email footer to compliment your new card.

Four just-for-you branded social media templates, and help on how to use them with free apps, a social media page cover (Etsy store, FaceBook, Google+ for example), and profile image graphics.

How much would you like a set of social media tools to turn out on brand comms all on your own? Lots, I reckon.

I’ll provide you a set of on brand elements and a help file to get you making content on your own for newsletters, instagram, facebook, etsy, all sorts.

You’ll also get your own social media profile image for your sidebar and social media accounts.



If there’s anything super specific you’d like, just ask away and we’ll sort it out.

The whole process will take about 4 weeks, but will depend on the complexity of your needs and your brief. If you have deadlines or a date in mind, please let me know before you purchase.


go time!

send me an email, complete the questionnaire, and we shall get cracking.

Hey, Sarah! I need some branding!

branding questionnaire