Culinary Kitchen

Sarah is a trained chef on a mission to prevent unistudents from living off two-minute noodles. She worked in a commercial kitchen for ten years before creating her own brood of seven mini sous chefs. Her family kitchen is not a place of chaos and stress unless you count the seven little bodies pushing their way in to help with meal prep.

Cooking Classes for kids are Sarah’s way of spreading the peace and calm she feels while cooking delicious meals to nourish her own family.

Because some of her kiddos are neurodivergent, she’s found cooking to be an excellent outlet for children who learn in many different ways. Nothing compares to the pride on a child’s face when they take the first bite of something they’ve made with their own hands.

culinary kitchen t shirt

The brief

YELLOW. Sarah is drawn to yellow, and we completly agreed that it was a compliment to her sunny energy and the fun foods she creates. We had to choose the right shade and ensure it worked with its friends well – yellow can be hard to pck out against a white background when not supported by an outline or other elements. AS a food van, legibility from a distance is key. 

The brand design

We created a chalk on kraft paper palette, like kids who are waiting for amazing treats might be colouring in a sheet or drawing on the footpath. The central character is Sunny Yum, who is excited to eat whatever comes out of the magic mixing bowl next. For the truck wrap, we created a series of food puns in a Where’s Wally style seek and find to keep everyone excited while waiting in line for their treats. 

mockup 104


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