This was such a fun project! When the brief is glitter and a party vibe, you can’t help but have fun along the way!

Gianna came to me just having had an amazing, self -styled and totally inspirational photo shoot with Sister Scout in Melbourne. I was so excited with the colour and personality which flowed so easily from the images and the rest is history!

Gianna’s branding captures her energy and youth, with splashes of digital confetti splashed around. The font is appropriately called Hey Bombshell, and an ad landed in my inbox shortly after we signed the contract. Thanks, Universe!

I created a fun micro interaction on hyperlink hover – when you mouse over a hyperlink the line grows slowly. Such fun! And pink!

Thank you so much for a fun and rewarding project, Gianna. I am so excited to see you succeed. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sarah in creating my website. From the outset Sarah understood my vision, my industry and my services, and because of this brought it to life with such class and ease. She was always so prompt and very helpful throughout the website build - exceptional from start to finish. Both the desktop and mobile sites and their functionalities, design and UX looks fantastic. Thanks again Sarah!

Gianna Lucas 
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