Mailbox Brownies

For once, everyone in Natasha’s community (and the world) were in the exact same isolated predicament.
Like many folks, she hit the kitchen, but not with sourdough. Chocolate. Chocolate has the ability to help you forget your problems. (Her two boys didn’t mind taste-testing while she perfected the recipe).
Natasha is British and she’s not supposed to brag, but hers are the best brownies you will ever eat in your life. She is so sure that she has built a business around it.
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The brief

Natasha built her business with her friends and families in mind, and that time when one just sits down, evaluate what truly matters in life, and just lives in the moment. Amid the pandemic when she can’t see family and friends in person, Natasha found creative ways to connect. Then came Mailbox Brownies.

Just like her brownies, Natasha’s brand shows affection, exuding a feeling of being at home receiving a special homemade treat from someone dear to you, a treat that is made from scratch with care in every batch.

The website design

*note, brand design not by us*

We ensured that those succulent brownies were the heroes of this story – rich browns with a pop of Natasha’s signature purple to bring everything to life.

The user experience is designed to focus first on flavour selection, then once in the car the user books a delivery date. Lucky suburbs of Melbourne can choose delivery on a Friday, and the rest of Australia express post on a Tuesday.

We built a resource based calendar which ensures that each bake date does not get overbooked. A glorious problem to have in business, but bad experience when brownie expectations can’t be met. This also syncs with Nataha’s google calendar so everything is at her fingertips.

The automated reviews system checks in a week after delivery and asks the lucky recipent for some feed…back (geddit? after they eat,, it’s feedback? We love a dad joke…), which is then dynamically inserted on site and for the relevant flavour.

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