Mineral Springs Chiropractic

Dr Denecke has been in chiropractic practice for 40 plus years, in Buffalo NY. His website was dated so much that none of the contact information was correct, and he’d never had a logo developed or hired a copywriter to tell his story.

Correct information had become so important because of COVID so Mineral Springs came to us to get some fresh energy and a helpful website.

The brief

We needed to modernise and soften the presence of MSC – without making it too medically (totally a word) or too woo-woo. Something elevated, refined, but still clearly medical and refined. 

The brand design

Blonde woods browns, grey blacks and true white give a Scandi open feel to the brand. The subtle curve of the spine as a divider across the square logo tell people that yes, this is a chiropractor, without resorting to over-done spinal columns and healing hands.

We paired a very modern sans serif with a beautiful serif – a mix of the old and the new.

mockup 2 mineral springs chiro
mockup cards

cloud dancer


whisper pink

medal bronze

potting soil

woodland grey

The website design

Our chosen colours paired with a white backgruond create space and air, wihch we’ve balanced with a darker overlay on images. We created a series of icons used across the site to show which services and solutions are offered, and layered elements to create depth. 

home page
about page
practitioners page


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a lined design

a lined design logo white
A Lined Design logo with white lines

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