The NovelTea Book Club is a monthly book and tea subscription parcel, which ships worldwide from Australia. Each month, subscribers receive a customised, curated parcel include a classic or preloved book, tea or coffee and 2-3 additional bookish treats.

Angie was so ready to level up the vibe of Noveltea and launch her into a new round of energy. 

And we’re here to help!


The brief

Angie’s book subscriptions span the classic to the modern, but always with the cup-of-tea-in-hand vibe.  We needed to be warm, clear to read, unique, and lift her above the competition. 

The brand design

We took our lead from the Penguin classics that so often go out in Angie’s packages – her brand needed to tone in with those books. We also picked up on the tea and coffe colours, then the snacks that often go with – chocolate, marshmallows, bikkies – and the tea sets they might be served in. 

We added a lot of visual elements becuase Angie often prints bookmarks for her clients – there is a repeating pattern a la the inside jacket of vintage books, and the logos have a few orientationa and presentations for the different focuses (books or tea).

The Noveltea brand is broad and eclectic, warm and comforting, vintage with a modern twist.

They have even put out their own enamel pins with our illustrations on them ADORE!

18 book cover mockups
Noveltea book club brand design pin
Style Baltic On Gossamer Pattern
Noveltea Logo Style Clay On Foam@3x 100
Noveltea Logo Style Orange On Clay@2x
Noveltea Logo Style Blossom On Foam@2x




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