Dr Oscar (well, actually Dr back to Mr) is a surgeon practising in Western Australia. Whilst he has practised surgery for some time in hospitals he has branched out on his own and established a solo entity as a general surgeon to build his name and patient list.

He focusses on continuity of care, plain english communications, and a warm bedside manner.

The brief

We wanted to steer away from anything overdone – like that shade of medical blue and dudes in white coats with clipboards looking serious. Yeah, you know those pictures! As ubiquitous as ladies laughing at salad. We knew we weren’t going to have any IRL images to work with, and they we wanted to convey that Oscar would take the time to look at each patient carefully. No scalpels, no blood, no cutting. No showing of what’s really gonna go on because that’s confronting not comforting. 

The brand design

We decided on a theme of a microscope and how bodies look different at depths. We chose deep greens, traditionally associated with medicine, but made them warm with a neon pop. 

The font is a bright white or light grey (depending on application) with a drop shadow for depth, in a sans serif which is approachable but still professional.

We developed two microscope views which will look amazing as a spot gloss printed on business cards. The dark presentation is preferred, but the light is necessary for printed media. 

aosurgery presentation1 light 4x
oa surgery mockup square
aosurgery presentation1 dark 4x

forest floor

forest biome

bright jade

black beauty

light turquoise

chalk blue

The website design

We brought all the elements to life with an interactive microscope elee=ment which follows the mouse on desktop, but floats in dependently on mobile and tablet. 

As the website is only two pages for the time being, we chose a different element on each page and kept the same dark colour scheme throughout. 

ezgif 6 334bfd23733f


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a lined design

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A Lined Design logo with white lines

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