Petal and Rose

Janie Rose has the best name to be a florist, don’t you think! Her dad used to call her “petal” and then she married a Rose…

Floristry is a new endeavour for Janie having worked in marketing and dog grooming in the past (her dog Lulu is the cutest), and becoming inspired later in life by a novel on a beach. Where all the best inspiration lives.

We have chosen a font reminiscent of twisting long leaves: modern and classy, feminine but not overly so. The illustration of a rose is an absolute necessity.

The website is light and soft, allowing the colours of the flowers to really speak up.

Congrats on following your dreams, Janie! You’re so very inspiring.

petal & rose light rose white square
petal & rose tan rose dark text pink square
petal & rose light rose white square
petal & rose lavender pink brown square
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references and development

petal and rose 600-4852
petal and rose 600-4997

a lined design

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