Rachael Downie

Meet Rachael Downie, Success Mentor, Author and Speaker.

She used to pour lots of time, money and effort into her work and business but never seemed to get ahead. She found that many people feel that way. Even though she had several degrees, a career and a family she just didn’t sense that she achieved enough to make a difference.

Now Rachael helps people to unlock the potential inside of themselves and those around them be it with their business, their staff or their families.

Whether Rachael is mentoring a CEO or a start-up, one thing she has learned is; “You can’t outperform your self-image.”

What is your self-image?

It’s that inner part of you, created in response to what you think everybody else thinks about you. It impacts the money you earn, your success in business, your relationships, your health. It affects everything.

If you want to change your results this is where it all begins.

Rachael Downie Prospoerity Coach

The brief

Clean and professional, but never boring. Worth of investing in and dynamic but never fluffy and flippant. Trustworthy and elegant, but approcahable and warm. Not overly feminine, not overly masculine. 

The brand design

Rachael has a few favourite metaphors in her work, and the one she always welcomes clients with is the need to take a step. Each step takes you closer to your goals, and everything comes more into focus.

So, this is exactly what we developed for Rachael. 

A series of gold steps almost as an optical illusion becomes the icon for Rachael’s brand. We animated these steps on site so that illusion and purpose becomes super clear. Rachael’s handwritten font is very, very carefully chosen to have the right baance of personality, trustworthiness, clarity, and fun. 

The palette of warm blues and golds speak to trust, create warmth and stability, and allow flexibility and depth for social media posts and advertising. 

rd presentationartboard 1@2x
rd presentationartboard 1 copy@2x
rd presentationartboard 1 copy 2@2x
rd presentationartboard 1 copy 3@2x

The website design

Because Rachael often speaks of steps and uses another key phrase of “pulling the curtains back”, we used windows and layered white space to create windows and reduce clutter, whilst giving a peek around the next corner. The text is all in her darkest blue to create softness on the stark white.

Rachael has digital products, physical products, and also runs an online course on her site. We ensured that the purchase experience was seamless, that each email sent from the system is branded, and that course users are automatically logged in after purcahse. It might not seem like a big deal, but these little touches make all the difference. 

Rachael also has her own booking calendar on site which syncs to her google calendar. No more double bookings! 

home page
about page
work with me page


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