Sofia Women’s Circle

Giselle Perry is someone you want to meet in person – well, we certainly do! She is all warm hugs through the screen and her venture into women’s circles is the perfect fit for that energy.

I’m Giselle and it was that slight ‘tug’ that led me to this work. I spent years trying to find a practice, a community, or coursework that could awaken the ancient feminine in my life but nothing fit my lifestyle.

I consider myself to be a modern woman, I have a corporate background so I understand order and reason. Most of what was offered out there felt outside my comfort zone. I knew I could offer something meaningful to other women like me.

Giselle Perry Of Sofia Women's Circle

The brief

Giselle had very clearly in her mind that she wanted to use a painting by her aunt as the base for her brand [image below]. The warmth and earthiness was going to be very important to the feeling she wanted to create.

The ideal client for the Sofia Women’s Circle brand is like-minded women who wants to feel connected socially and in the workplace. It aims to nurture and reconnect women through the age-old practice of joining a Circle. Forming a circle promotes equality and creates a safe space for women of all ages to share their lives and stories. They can freely express themselves, experience being seen and heard, and feel supported by a fully present community.

Simple, organic, warm, feminine but not overtly so, with high contrast.

Sofia Women's Circle reference image

The brand design

Green, warm browns, and pinks which represents growth, stability and femininity are the centers of the brand. All edges are minimal yet bold wordmark.

We used Chatillon and Sophia Reign as the brand fonts: elegant with clean shapes and remarkable details which makes refine appearance, with twists and turns like the bark and leaves of a tree. 

Swc Words Only Presentation 1@2x
Swc Words And Tree Presentation 2 Copy 3@2x 100
Swc Words Only Presentation 4@2x
Swc Words And Tree Presentation 2@2x





cloud dancer

coral pink

apricot buff


Sarah came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. I was warned it was not a one way street, Sarah and Dawn really drilled down to uncover the essence of Sofia Women’s Circle which helped me gain greater clarification at the same time. Being technically challenged I was fearful the process would be way over my head, however, Sarah’s creativity, patience, communication and sense of humour saw the process unfold with military precision, like an iron fist in a velvet glove. No question was too trivial, no number of revisions was too many and I really valued her empathy during a time when things were very new to me. I am telling everyone I know what a fabulous experience it was to build a website alongside Sarah & Dawn and more importantly what joyous women they are. So, gratitude is threefold: 1. For the original recommendation from Flossifiles 2. For the wonderful website and experience and 3. For our paths crossing and walking side by side for a while.

Giselle Perry 
Giselle Perry

The website design

Layers of peachy brown tones, cut outs for text, clarity and soft animations bring this site to life. It’s feminine without screaming pink, and uses lots of white space without being stark. 

home page
about page
services page


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