Can your ideal customer find you on Google?

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Can your customers easily find you when they look for a business like yours?

Getting your awesome website published is only part of being found on the internet. In days gone by you could go live, cross your fingers and hope the internet gods got you found by the people looking for you. It’s not so easy anymore… 

There’s half a million websites are created every day. Did your head just explode? How do you get found out there? 

Google does try and help people find what they are looking for; ot shows the 10 websites that they feel are most relevant for the particular search that has been performed. How does Google figure out if you’re relevant? 

We’ve got some answers for you.

Learn how to figure out what people type into Google when looking for businesses like yours
Figure out how your site is ranking now and what you can do to lift your rank
Understand the 12 important factors of on-page SEO and why these are so very important for every single page on your website
Get your business listed on Google to improve local search results
Content is still king! Learn how to review your content and make sure it's on target for your ideal customer

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