Terms & Conditions – Custom Work

The Fine Print

These are my terms of sale. They form part of a contract between us, commencing as at the date you purchased your product from me. If something goes wrong between us, I will refer you back here. Please read them before you make your purchase.

  1. Timeframes

You are embarking upon a creative process with me. Timeframes can be a bit fuzzy but generally depend on a few things:

The quality of your instructions

If you are a bit lackadaisical and aloof, this will make it harder for me to determine what it is you want. If you come to me with a bit of excitement and give me a few really good instructions, then I will have a much easier and therefore quicker time sorting it out for you.

The volume of work you have requested

Kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it? Lotsa work = long time, not so much = not so much time. Usually.

How much legwork you may have already done

If you have a curated Pinterest board, some photos etc on the go already, then I LOVE YOU. We gonna get along. If not, no worries! But understand it might take me a bit of time to build this for you.

How many revisions you require

Depending on the level of service you have chosen, and all of the above, a revision might be simple or complex. Please keep this in mind. I will tell you when discussing that revision.

Your attitude

Do you like working with cranky people? Ne neither. Be nice. Grease dem wheels. They go quicker.

My crazy life

I have two babies, two other jobs, my health, and a lovely husband. All need attention. I am as upfront as I can be as to what I believe my capabilities are. If that doesn’t suit you or if you have deadlines, then tell me. My psychic powers are not that profound. I do not want unhappy customers! I am sure we can work something out.

2. Disputes

You are purchasing creative services. You have made your purchase with me based upon my past work and the appearance of the product listing.

I will not refund a purchase if you do not like the end result. I have performed the work, and that is what is paid for by you.

I will however make every attempt to make you happy. You are offered a number of revisions, so help me make sure those revisions work for you.

If things really do disintegrate past the point of no return, as defined by me, I will call our relationship to an end and retain funds enough to cover work performed.

3. Copyright

This can be a little bit tricky. I make an original work, sometimes using other artists’ pictures, and make it available to you.

In the case of style tiles/mood boards, the copyright of the other artists still subsists in their photos. I credit and link back to them, and where you publish the mood board you must also credit them. If they contact me or you and ask that their images are no longer reproduced, then they have every right to make such a request and we must comply.

In the case of wholly original works such as logos, that does belong to you. I will not use that logo for anyone else. Premade logos however will be used for other customers. Custom logos ARE different.