Terms & Conditions – Themes

The Fine Print


This Theme is for WordPress.org sites, NOT for WordPress.com sites. The differences are many, but you will know based on or url.

If your site is www.myblog.wordpress.com, then you are on WordPress.com.

If you are on WordPress.org, then your url will be www.myblog.com or something similar. You will also have a company who hosts your website, whom you pay and you will be able to access your database.

If your purchased this theme and you have a WordPress.com site, you will not be able to use it. Sorry. You have been warned.

It is up to you to backup your data, save your settings, keep track of your custom CSS before you change your theme. I have a prescribed method for installing and activating a new theme for a reason: you will become aware of any weird funk prior to activation if you follow my method. Be gung-ho at your own peril. Sidebars are usually the thing which go bye-bye in theme change over. If you love it, save those settings somewhere.

If you are not on WordPress but would like to be, chat to your hosting company about changing your platform. This is not something I can do for you.

Beyond that, I really want to see you use your purchases to make your online self shine as much as you do in person. If there is anything I can offer you in terms of extra pretty, then hit me up.

If you are lost in web land, please check the help pages. It is so very likely that your problem is not unique. If you are still lost, then send me an SOS. I do understand that this sort of thing gets a wee bit frustrating, but I do ask that you pretty please be nice to me. Distill your issue into a simple question, take a deep breath, then hit send. I do not invite aggro into my zone, and I will ask that you are calm before we sort out issues. Zen, baby!

If you have deadlines, then tell me. I am sure we can work something out.

Peace out, peeps!