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Protect your investment.

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Your website is an investment of time and money, and it’s your shop front to the whole of the internet. It does take ongoing work to keep it up to date, secure, and looking its best.

Your focus should be on your business and not tearing your hair out trying to figure out when and if you should click those update buttons or restoring a backup if something goes wrong. Do you even have a backup and where does it live? Read more on why these things matter below. 

We can do that for you. And even provide a lovely little report at the end of each month which shows you what we’ve done. These plans are designed to cover most of our clients but if you have any special concerns shoot us a message and we’ll have a chat.

Why worry about website security?

Hackers are annoying. They are after your information, to be a general pest, and to make money from whatever they manage to steal from you. Hacking happens a lot – and there are a lot of solutions out there which don’t do full database scans to find the little corrupt gremlins making back doors.

We’ll ensure you have the best protocols in place to prevent them from getting inside in the first place, and because nothing is totally foolproof (because hackers be fools), we have daily full database scans and malware removal. That’s nasty files, all gone. checked for you every single day.

Think having a security system in place looks expensive? Saving a hacked site… that can get really expensive. Not to mention the down time.

Why worry about website backups?

Look, no one is perfect. A few clicks here, an update you didn’t mean to do there, and something is now wonky which you can’t fix. Aside from having us in your pocket, a one click super fast backup-restore will have you back on track in no time.

And spam protection? What’s that about?

You know those jokers who call you on the phone and tell you you’ve won a million dollars, if only you’d give them your bank account details to transfer the funds across? Or the time that you bought a Louis Vuiton bag in Hong Kong, though you’re a dedicated Fjallraven lover and have never stepped into Asia?

Same thing, lower level. Spammers try and get interaction from you – click a link in their spam email or comment left on your blog and you’re a step away from a full blown hack.

We can build a wall around your site so you don’t have to worry about these annoyances.

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