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Getting your goodies online is a smart move.

Bricks and mortar stores have the perils of lockdowns, people are interested in keeping themselves safe, and you get the benefit of reaching a wider audience.

This audience is different. They shop from the comfort of home, in their track pants, mug of coffee (or wine) on one side of the computer and credit card on the other.

They are ready to BUY if you can keep their interest long enough to connect.

There are a lot of opinions to consider when choosing the best ecommerce platform and solutions for eCommerce websites, and we’re here to help you get the right fit for your business.

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Make buying easy for your customers and stop paying commissions to a third party platform.

We’ve built enough to know where the true costs lie, what functions need customisation, and how to improve the customer’s user experience to bring you more dollars and fewer headaches.

Yes! I want to be the boss of my own eCommerce website!

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Have you heard the myth that having a custom online store is too complicated or too expensive?

Not if it will pay for itself!

And then some.

Over a few years this will cost you way more than a one-time fee for hiring a professional web designer.

Setting up a store on a third party eCommerce platform is easy, sure. But you’ll be paying for a subscription, annual fees, and you won’t own your stuff. They can make changes or increase your costs at anytime. Not to mention you’ll be stuck with templates and won’t be able to customise.
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In every eCommerce website design we build, we include these key features:


Customised Design

We eat with our eyes first, right? We analyise your ideal client, plan their user journey and ensure that those peeps feel seen and heard and most importantly, stay on your website! A convenient layout, aesthetically pleasing typography and iconography, crisp visuals, and other on-site design elements that elevate your online shopping experience above all the rest.

Engaging converting copy

After your prospect has decided that your visuals are worthy of keeping their attention, the words (copywriting) keep them focussed inspired and call them to action. Words create a deeper connection and we use language that speaks directly to your ideal user. Product descriptions, frequently asked questions, your core pages [link to core pages section]

Payment gateway integrations (Paypal, Stripe, AfterPay)

You need to be able to choose who your money goes to, and have a bit of control over the associated costs and the ability to have multiple payment gateways if you want to, so users can choose which payment options they want to use. All gateways use the customer’s credit card rather than direct deposit. See more on those ongoing costs below [anchor link]. 

Customised User Experience

We keep the customer nurtured in every step of their journey with you, displaying a cohesive brand experience, opportunities to show and communicate your values and turn the right visitors into customers. We do this with:

  • System Emails – those emails that a website sends to customers after they make a purchase and to confirm that it has been sent, we make sure they’re in your brand colours with your logo, and a consistent brand voice.
  • Upselling and cross selling tools – Suggestions to buy something bigger better or which might compliment what just got added to the customer’s shopping cart, bringing more value to the customer’s buying process.
  • Custom purchase complete/thank you page – Once your customer has completed the checkout process you have another opportunity to make a connection. Instead of a bog standard “transaction complete” page, we keep that brand experience going and invite them to settle down with a blog or connection on social media with your custom-designed thank you page.
  • Social sharing buttons – on each page and product we can build buttons to help your customers do the marketing for you, sharing to their social networks or pinterest and getting you some tasty backlinks.

Easy to navigate and search

  • Menus and search bar- Navigation is an umbrella term for all the elements people can use to reach specific information on your website. These include the menu at the top of each page, the main shop page and the filters in the sidebar, on-site search boxes, and footer. If you aren’t able to create a navigation path which suits your and your customer’s needs, you’ll end up with a pretty but dysfunctional website few online shoppers will want to use, and your conversion rate will suffer for it. We ensure that each action taken results in something useful for your users.
  • Product categories and tags – when you go to the supermarket or hardware store, you know what belongs in what isle because of the big ole label hanging above your head at the end of each isle. That’s the job of a category. We look at your content and how it can be best organised to help customers find what they are looking for quicker.

Seller tools - all the admin stuff you need to make your ecommerce business life easier

  • Shipping and delivery options, shipping zones, or free shipping with coupons or purchase over a nominated value.
  • Invetory Management to ensure customers know when an item is out of stock and set their expectations
    Discount coupons and promo codes to help you run online sales with minimal admin work
  • Tax calculations for that dreaded pile of paperwork each quarter, and ensure that taxes are only charged to the customers required to pay
  • Integrations with other software and apps like xero

Google Analytics and SEO Integration

Search engine optimization… sounds like black magic, right? Google needs you to speak her language before she’ll even bother sending traffic your way. How do you do that? With a clever team at your side, google schema markup, a few pixels here and there along with a prayer to the search engine gods.

We build in SEO as a standard part of our eComm sites. This could save you thousands on marketing and campaign costs.


Mobile responsive design

Around half of consumers shop on their phone. You really need to ensure that your site works well across all device sizes (and there are SO many!) so that each customer has a great on site experience without any design constraints.

Safe, secure, reliable, and backed up

You absolutley must have a SSL certficate – it gets you that locky thing in your browser bar and tells people you’re not about to sell their information to spies. Google requires you to have one before she’ll bother indexing you too – yet so many people seem to miss this important step. 

Your core web pages

  • Your home page – How will a customer know you can solve their problem? How will they know you’re for them and to keep on browsing? We have some clever tricks to make sure your ideal someone stays, and the less ideal bounce away elsewhere.
  • About page – YOUR ABOUT PAGE IS NOT ABOUT YOU. <—– We shouted that. Your about page is 100% about your customer, how you can help them and positioning yourself as the guide offering to make their lives better. Sure, you’ll offer up a bit of your experience and empathy but more toward the end, but still it’s meant to establish you as an authority. For them.
  • Product template – each prodct has a particular layout, flow and vibe. We build a template to showcase your brand and products in the most appetising way.
  • Shop main – Having all products on one page is a really important feature for all online stores. Users can filter, sort, and select the items which appeal to them based on the categories and tags which most appeal to them. You put the power of browsing in their hands, just like if they were browsing in the real.
  • Checkout – a cart in the menu, a modal, a tray off screen? Which suits you best? We look at your online business and custom design the right cart experience for you.
  • Frequently asked questions – so much gold here! Anticipate user needs, answer them clearly, get fabulous traffic from google all in the one thing? YEAH.
  • Contact page – troubleshoot common concerns with the FAQ first, then guide the user to give you helpful information with thoughtful questions and set expectations with custom notifications after the form is submitted.
  • Blog – you should be content marketing. This is where you show your potential customers that you really know your stuff. We find that the number one page for most of our clients is a blog article where they have answered a customer question really well. Make the most of that online presence and get blogging!
Warning Side effects of ALD-built e-commerce websites include
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Saving Money
Converting more easily
Creating a better user-experience for your customers
Looking super profesh
Owning your own stuff

We can add so many more custom features to your build. Look at all these optional ecommerce solutions!


Shoppable hotspots and popovers


prize wheels


Point of Sale (POS)


product subscriptions


Customisable products


Shipping tracker




social media links - forget linktree, get your own onsite page instead.


back in stock notifications


eCourse delivery

The end result? 
  • Increase your conversions
  • Better user experience
  • Have great customer service
  • Make purchasing easy
happy ecommerce shopper
  • Save on overheads and fees 
  • Stress-free maintenance 
  • More profits!
Ready to Boss your Online Marketplace? Contact us and let’s get you started!
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Here are just a few more benefits of an A Lined Design custom eCommerce website.

  • Stress-free design and ongoing site maintenance
  • Collaboration with our experts
  • Custom design solutions
  • Full control of your business
  • Quick turnaround
  • The ability to easily make additions to your store
To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and have a fully custom e-Commerce website that represents your brand, contact us today for a complimentary discovery call. 

Imagine how different your life would look if you had a website that worked for you all day and night.


You’d have more freedom and flexibility


More revenue when you save on third party fees


More time to work on what you love


More profit when you can convert customers more easily


What will you do with all that spare time and cash?


Hop onto a call with us now and get into our books before we book out for 2021.

Let’s talk about your hopes, dreams, goals and business. 

Frequently asked questions.

Read a lil more on what we do and what you get, and then book a call or send us a contact form.

Invest in growth and connection.

What platform should I build my ecommerce website on?
Our choice of content management system is wordpress ecommerce, using woocommerce. There are a lot of reasons for this, but as a summary it’s for reasons of superior flexibility, control, speed, security, SEO, integrations and ongoing costs. Your self-hosted ecommerce site is much easier to manage in so many ways. 
What are the costs for an ecommerce website?
There are a lot of different costs for ecommerce websites, and what platform and tech you choose matters a LOT when considering long term costs. There are ongoing costs and one off costs. 
What are the ongoing costs for an ecommerce website?
This depends on your build, but payment gatewatys,  maintenance and support are ongoing costs. You may also have plugins and other solutions which have ongoing costs. 
What are the one off costs for building an ecommerce website?

These are the costs of getting your website built in the first instance, then maintaining that work. 

Let’s take a quick look at some feature based examples. 

For example a mega menu: those big, feature rich flyouts with images and columns and all the pretty.

Our favourite mega menu for plugin is Ubermenu. It costs $25USD once, with updates for a life and a small tech support fee of $7.50 for six months.
Same solution in Shopify?
$99USD a year with Globo Mega menu OR $9.95 USD a month with Buddha Mega menu

Say you want a page builder: no need to code every section of your site from the ground up, drag and drop your content into place.

Our fave Divi* costs $89USD a year or smart money with $249USD once.

Same solution in Shopify?
$35-$45 USD a month with LiquidBlox.
What are the Payment gateway costs for my ecommerce store?

Payment processing fees vary depending on the payment gateway, currency, and region. They are a necessary cost of doing business so are unavoidable. It is nice however to be able to choose who you do business with.

Here is a quick overview of popular payment gateways in AU dollars.

PayPal: 2.6% + $0.30 for transactions over $10

Stripe: 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction

Shopify Payments:  2.9% + 30¢ per transaction

Shopify Third Party (i.e. using PayPal or Stripe on Shopify): The payment gateway fees PLUS 2% additional fees paid to Shopify for each transaction. This means you could end up paying up to 5% of total transaction as payment processing charges.

So you can see the ability to use Stripe on it’s own is a great way to keep gateway costs down in the long term.

What Hosting do I need for my website store?
Hosting plan costs vary a lot, but even with a premium host like our faves at Siteground*, you’re looking at $9.99AU each month.

Shopify’s platform is a “leasing” system, and not a pay-to-own system. When you walk away from Shopify, you walk away from your website, and you’ll need to have another one built. A customised e-commerce will range from $7,000 to around $20,000 on average. For the $299 monthly price (which offers a similar levels of bells and whistles to woocommerce) of using Shopify for 2 years, you could have your very own custom-built e-commerce platform! A platform that you own, control, and can optimise to fit your business needs.

Does my ecommerce site need ongoing maintenance?

We strongly recommend that each site we build stays with us for maintenance and support. At the end of the day, no one is going to know your site better than us and you have a business to run – let us support you. We have a variety of plans depending on need all with one feature in common – a dedicated team who love to see you succeed. 

No matter what platform you choose, your website will always need maintenance and a knowledgable team to support you.

When I launched the site Sarah had developed, I gained 8 new clients and even more leads within 48 hours. I think that says it all! Sarah is dedicated, talented and a joy to work with. Highly, highly recommend!

Lizzie Mulherin Write on Brand
Lizzie Mulherin

I really enjoyed the process of working with Sarah at A Lined Design. It’s a really thorough process that she takes you through, especially when rebranding. I feel like the new brand and website represent me at what I offer as a business so clearly and on point in terms of the connection that I wanted to create with clients before they reached out to me. I LOVE my new logo and colour palette and can see that working for many years to come. And where I was less confident in giving feedback and making decisions Sarah guided me through, keeping us on track for a great outcome. I couldn’t be happier with my new brand and website and have referred her already to colleagues in my industry who I know have engaged her. Thanks Sarah!

Anoushka Allum Anoushka Allum Design
Anoushka Allum

Once upon a time, during a period called COVID19 lockdown, I shot a message to a girl named Sarah Crawford at a company called A Lined Design. The message was a curveball that went something like “I have an idea about a new way to shop local and support small business”… she was on the phone in a flash with THE best ideas that mirrored by enthusiasm. Really, the rest is history, Sarah and her team are professional, easy-going, creative, proactive, thought-provoking, groundbreaking (and any other adverb that describes bloody awesome). Not only does the way they do things create the most amazing websites but they also help you work through your business strategies, where/how you want your business to grow and the list goes on. I cannot recommend A Lined Design more highly. If you need a website done right the first time – this is your team!
I cannot thank you enough for listening to my vision and creating something that was beyond even my high expectations. Thank you from Buy from Tasmania!

Janelle Larkin Buy From Tasmania
Janelle Larkin

Sarah came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. I was warned it was not a one way street, Sarah and Dawn really drilled down to uncover the essence of Sofia Women’s Circle which helped me gain greater clarification at the same time. Being technically challenged I was fearful the process would be way over my head, however, Sarah’s creativity, patience, communication and sense of humour saw the process unfold with military precision, like an iron fist in a velvet glove. No question was too trivial, no number of revisions was too many and I really valued her empathy during a time when things were very new to me. I am telling everyone I know what a fabulous experience it was to build a website alongside Sarah & Dawn and more importantly what joyous women they are. So, gratitude is threefold: 1. For the original recommendation from Flossifiles 2. For the wonderful website and experience and 3. For our paths crossing and walking side by side for a while.

Giselle Perry Sofia Women's Circle
Giselle Perry

I had a great time working with Sarah on March 4 Earth.

Sarah’s creativity and innovation led to the design and implementation of an awesome March 4 Earth website, logo and brand. She also provided marketing advice on our not for the profit and how to reach our unique target audience.

Sarah spent time getting to know us and understanding our vision before embarking on the project. She is naturally creative and has a strong understanding of user experience and how people think.

She is passionate and has pride in what she delivers. I would strongly recommend her for any project.

A big thanks to Sarah for bringing the March 4 Earth brand to life.

Jacqui Collis March4Earth
Jacqui Collis

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