Make sure your website project is a winner

We get it. Websites are hard. But you can make the process fun, educational, and come out the other side happy and with an awesome ongoing relationship with your web designer. True!

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We know that success in your website project means a productive collaboration between you and your designer

We also get that this website thing… you don’t do that everyday. It’s a once-every-five-years, lil bit scary, lil bit exciting kinda deal. We get it!

But we do this website stuff every day. And we’ve seen the highs and the lows. The reasons a project will succeed are pretty straightforward and consistent across eCommerce websites, blog, portfolio websites, pretty much everything we’ve worked on. 

Five things. Get these right and you’ll be smiling. 

Why your list of "stuff your site needs to do" should focus on your ideal customer
Learn why the investment in a website is a positive thing; not a cost to get grumpy about
Why setting SMART goals is important to measure and track your plan
Why having a professional writer will add value, save you stress and a bunch of time
Learn how to give feedback which makes sense and gets to to launch date quicker

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